Physician Led Coaching Program 
Supporting Women in Medical Education

The Concern:

  • Women comprise the majority of enrollees in medical schools in the U.S.A. yet gender disparities persist within all stages of education, training & practice
  • Challenges of burnout unique to women physicians contribute to early attrition from medicine, threaten personal well-being and exacerbate physician shortages, directly impacting patient care and national health

This Program Aims To:

  • Create foundation for a culture of support and transparency, prioritizing personal development of self-worth, confidence and security
  • Cultivate a professional environment with clear communication channels and protection from repercussions
  • Increase ability to advocate for self and others to create a system of equality, equity and inclusion

Where Does This Program Belong:

  • Can be introduced in small group or department settings
  • Can be offered as supplement to entire medical school
  • Anywhere you are, we can meet you there

How it Works:

  • 6 week program
  • Pre- and Post- Program Analysis
  • Once Weekly Teaching with Group Coaching
  • Cultivation of group connection and communication

This is an AMWA IGNITE program with faculty that is independent from the medical education program. Thus discussions are free of reporting and without concerns of repercussions

Why This is Needed:

  • Gender disparities contribute significantly to burnout for women physicians
  • Coaching has bene shown as an effective intervention for treatment and prevention of burnout
  • Introducing Coaching at the earliest stages of medical training can increase impact by focusing on prevention
  • To create an environment of sustainability, support, and connection

Customized & Accessible:

  • Directed by trained physician coaches
  • Curriculum coordinated by AMWA IGNITE, according to the specific concerns of the base institution
  • Content customized to individual needs through small group experiences
  • All sessions via ZOOM with flexible scheduling
  • Group sessions recorded for review on demand by students
  • 1:1 coaching available upon request of individuals at an additional cost

Want to Learn More?

Contact Dr. Amelia Bueche (Bee-Kee), Chair of Coaching for AMWA IGNITE at

  • Schedule a time to discuss institutional needs
  • Learn more and get enrolled!