How do I access the IGNITEMED program?
Joining IGNITE MED is as easy as registering on our home page. This registration will place you on our email list and will allow you access to our lecture library. We will then send you notifications regarding upcoming events and opportunities offered to our students.

Does it cost me anything?
No. Ignite Med provides programming at no cost to participants. Our lecture series is on demand and we encourage you to create a “watch party “ with fellow students. IGNITE MED will spring for Pizza to encourage participation! Group coaching does require funding and is offered at a very reduced rate to the student participants. We encourage students to explore obtaining funding from their institution but we will offer scholarships to cover the cost of the coaching if funding cannot be secured.

Can I get credit for listening to the lectures?
This will be up to your institution. We do know that some schools have offered our curriculum as a selective and so students have received credit for participation. Please contact us if you would like more information on how to suggest this to your school.

What is the best way to get through the curriculum?
We recommend that you create a schedule and decide as a group how to order the viewing of the lectures. Certainly, you are welcome to view any lecture on your own at any time but given that one of our goals is to help create community as a way to decrease the incidence of burnout, we suggest you work as a group to participate with IGNITE.

Can I invite speakers to my institution to present the lecture live via zoom?
All questions regarding the curriculum should be directed to our Curriculum Chair, Dr. Ariela Marshall, ariela.marshall@gmail.com

How can I get personal coaching?
(more about IngiteMed coaching) Personal coaching is available but must be arranged by directly communicating with our Chair of Coaching, Dr. Amelia Bueche.

Can men join IGNITE?
The IGNITEMED program was designed to meet the needs of women. However, we welcome all since many IGNITE topics have broad applicability.